Saturday, 16 July 2011

Hawaiian dream...

Hawaiian shirts: love them or hate them, I suppose there's no middle way.
There are places in the world where they've always been bought and worn... and there are places, like where I live, the good old Italy, where at some point, fashion gurus or maybe people's taste or maybe a global different way to think leaded to consider them totally kitsch, outdated and... well, apart the vintage market, as far as I know you just can't find them in italian stores since... well, 20 years? 25?

I still remember that time, when I was a teenager, that my mom was so great (as usual) to buy for me an hawaiian shirt... I think I worn it just a couple of time, because - who knows why! - I couldn't even look at it.

(Much) time passed by and, who knows why, I ended up thinking about that shirt and... how it looked cool and sunny and...

Now, I'm not the kind of guy to let some (presumed) fashion gurus prevent me to have and wear what I feel I want... hence, thanks to Internet, I can now (moderately) satisfy my nead to wear big, colorful shirts... look at the result! :-D


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Monday, 11 July 2011

The dreamer and the giant...

Going at the sea... and loving, most than anything else, standing there and watching at the waves and listening to their subtle murmurs...
It's one of those circumstances, I'd say, where being disabled actually *helps* to step away a little from all the furious mix of noise, unstoppable movement and do-not-think-too-much-just-have-fun stuff (that we all like to have once in a while, by the way... me included! ^_^) usually involved with sea... and paying attention to all those aspects that are always there but that ends being in the background.

Thinking about the horizon, about what for ages moved something in brave men's heart wondering what could eventually lie beyond that mass of sea and then actually taking the courage to leave the shore and face the fear of the unknown and the wildness of Nature... thinking about all the stories and legends and epics and myths those men wrote with their own lives and with the risks they took the responsibility of... thinking about sailing throught its surface for months and months, with the good and the bad weather and realizing that that just has so many similarities in common with our Life... thinking about all of the wonders actually resting in the most absolute silence at the bottom of it: sunken ships hiding how knows what treasures (historically and artistically talking), (often giant) ruins of more or less forgotten civilizations... thinking about the (mostly still unknown) forms of life living, swimming, crawling, eating, mating, fighting, dying down there, away from our sight and our thoughts as much as they have been doing for billions years and as they'll go on doing after us...
...and then, even more, taking it surreal and thinking about the sea as a murmuring giant, now gently now furiously telling its countless stories and legends... and the sirens in the fog piercing the silence with their horns as primeval creatures declaring and asserting their existence... and let's talk about staying out in a courtyard or near the beach at evening and pointing your eyes up there and with some kind of guide (a specific handbook, Google Skymap or whatever) and giving the proper names to the stars and planets slightly shining up there... isn't that a cool trip for your imagination?

Ok, I'll be honest: there's the fun too, the girls (too timid for to actually dare to try some conversation...), the sea food (slurp!), the smell in the air...
But, to me, the power of sea on my imagination is what surpasses all of the other aspects!

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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Is YouTube only about making videos?

Well, "yes" could seem the right answer, at first sight... but we you think about it, there's way more to it.

Videos optimization on at least four levels (the video itself, the thumbnail, the metadata (title, tags, description and such), using annotations), channel optimization, interacting with people, exploiting the power of social networks, promoting...

I ended up paying not enough attention on most of those aspects, and one of the results is that at some point, through the time, I ended up, while keeping the same average number of views, by having less comments on my YT videos.

Now, because of my personality and my attitude, I have never been that kind of person only caring about having "big numbers": one of the things I have ever appreciated the most of YT is the chance to interact with people from the whole world... and each single time a human being has told me things like - I've given this origami heart to the person I love - or - I'm making this origami flower for my mom - or, again - hey there! I've never made origami before but I needed a paper figure for a project at school... I followed your tutorial, and the origami came out very well! I got an A for that project! -... well, each single time I felt just blessed.

I know, people and their behaviours may change; and competitors are out there, trying to do their best!
Still, I'm here, determined to try to bring back those times where comments like the one above frequently made me smile.


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