Saturday, 16 July 2011

Hawaiian dream...

Hawaiian shirts: love them or hate them, I suppose there's no middle way.
There are places in the world where they've always been bought and worn... and there are places, like where I live, the good old Italy, where at some point, fashion gurus or maybe people's taste or maybe a global different way to think leaded to consider them totally kitsch, outdated and... well, apart the vintage market, as far as I know you just can't find them in italian stores since... well, 20 years? 25?

I still remember that time, when I was a teenager, that my mom was so great (as usual) to buy for me an hawaiian shirt... I think I worn it just a couple of time, because - who knows why! - I couldn't even look at it.

(Much) time passed by and, who knows why, I ended up thinking about that shirt and... how it looked cool and sunny and...

Now, I'm not the kind of guy to let some (presumed) fashion gurus prevent me to have and wear what I feel I want... hence, thanks to Internet, I can now (moderately) satisfy my nead to wear big, colorful shirts... look at the result! :-D


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  1. the result is good! :D

    The fashion rules? I have never followed them. It is something that has no place in my mind, lol...

  2. In mine too! xD
    Haha, who are they to decide what we are supposed to wear or not?!