Monday, 30 July 2012

The burning origami (of legends and paper)!

My YouTube page! Like me on facebook! Follow me on twitter! the way, with the help of some good photo-retouching software! ;-D
Imagine folding a piece of paper all wrapped in flames... to think that the folds risk to end up not so well made even in normal conditions! ;-)

Anyway, the latest model I demonstrate in my "...and origami for all" tutorials series is the "japanese phoenix", known like "houou"!
It shares many similarities with a traditional crane... but the tail, well... that's where the beauty of this model lies!

It's the second tutorial, so far, where I adopt my new conception of tutorial, made easily browsable through the help of some CD/DVD player - like buttons... I have to say that I still am pretty happy with it... and, hopily, the people watching it are as satisfied as I am!

Not only.
In this tutorial I finally introduce subtitles in four languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French), in order to help most of my viewers enjoy the experience... the only doubt is about the correctness of those subtitles (obtained my means of automatic translation)... hopily, as soon as the mistakes will be found, I will receive some help to make them better!

Oh! I was almost forgetting! This video features a brand, new instrumental symphonic piece by me, that I think should give some relaxing atmosphere... hopily, without getting too boring! xD

Ok. Here it comes.
Ladies and gentlemen, feel free to enjoy the origami japanese phoenix!
Feel free to interact: I just love it!


Monday, 9 July 2012

A new origami tutorial... like a CD player!

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Here I (finally) am, with a brand new tutorial... in a way that my viewers aren't used to!
Gone are the years when I was so unconfident about my spoken English that I didn't dare to talk!
Gone are the years when some people complained about me being slow... not because I go faster while demonstrating my tutorials, but rather because I'll be applying to my tutorials the concept... of a CD player, letting them the chance to fly through the steps!


And gone are the times of the chirping birds... looks like they got copyrighted too...
*clears his throat*

Now, this and the forecoming tutorials will showcase my original music, composed just for them... and let's talk about that 10 seconds intro so stuffed with special effects that it took me a whole week to complete it!

I'll need to re-shoot it, though, because I need it to have a better definition...

Oh, well! Here it comes: "...and origami for all", V2.0!!!