Monday, 9 July 2012

A new origami tutorial... like a CD player!

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Here I (finally) am, with a brand new tutorial... in a way that my viewers aren't used to!
Gone are the years when I was so unconfident about my spoken English that I didn't dare to talk!
Gone are the years when some people complained about me being slow... not because I go faster while demonstrating my tutorials, but rather because I'll be applying to my tutorials the concept... of a CD player, letting them the chance to fly through the steps!


And gone are the times of the chirping birds... looks like they got copyrighted too...
*clears his throat*

Now, this and the forecoming tutorials will showcase my original music, composed just for them... and let's talk about that 10 seconds intro so stuffed with special effects that it took me a whole week to complete it!

I'll need to re-shoot it, though, because I need it to have a better definition...

Oh, well! Here it comes: "...and origami for all", V2.0!!!



  1. Very good video and very good English :D

    I will follow by order the tutorials of your channel on You Tube. Yesterday I bought most suitable paper to make Origami, lower weight and colors :-)

    I will be uploading them to facebook when I have made...

    1. P.S.
      Thank you so much for your kind words about my spoken English: finally, with this new series of tutorials I got rid of my fear to be not good enough at it... or, well, at least, despite my accent, people actually understands what I say, hahaha! xD

  2. That's so great from you, thank you so much... I mean, it fills my heart with joy when I know that through my tutorials someone gets passionate about origami!
    The real origami paper is very delicate... but the models, once folded properly, look so great: its all in the most small details, that's where a perfectly folded model can shine (aside from the beauty of the whole figure itself, of course)!
    And the many colors, those add a lot of beauty!
    Can't wait to see your folded models... and well, I think you can't wait to make them! ;-)
    Happy folding time, man!