Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Of life and its ages (or "back to blogging", or "it's always been about words")

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Well, hello, and welcome.

If you check the date of the last post in this blog, you'll see that we go back to September 25th, 2012.
No less than five years ago.

How much can happen, in the life of a human being, in the space of five long years?

Ah, as we all know, it takes a moment, actually, to radically and definitely change someone's life.
Just a fleeting, yet well defined moment, a moment you could identify on a specific position on a dial of the impassible march of two hands (if the clock is analogic, of course) and say "they were there and there and there, those clock hands, when that life-changing moment happened".

Imagine, then, the potential enclosed in whole five years!

I don't know whether I'm made the way I am for it's just my nature, or whether my passion for prehistory, and the consequential habit to reason about it in terms of ages (the age of dinosaurs, the age of man, and such), might have influenced it... but, when I look back at my life, I definitely seem to find... ages.

5 years ago... for me, that age used to be definitely marked by my activity on YouTube... and by origami.
I remember I opened the blog because YouTube had started to change their algorithm, and to just post good videos wasn't enough...
The CEO aspect, that became (and still is) so crucial...

But, back in those days, my passion for origami, whose tutorials had rendered me quite popular in YouTube, had started fading... and that's how, at some point, the publishing of tutorials ended... okay, let's that it ended in a hiatus...
And the same happened to my blogs, because it was focused on that... and only that.

I tried to make a series of humouristic videos about origami, but... it didn't work much.

And after that?

For example, I wrote a novel... a 1400-1600 monster novel about a mermaid.
I need to review it, edit it and publish it!

Well, online-wise, in 2015, I landed in Instagram for to advertise a series of apparel I designed, on Zazzle.
Yes, another phase.
In Zazzle search "danbergam" and you'll see.
And in Instagram, please, do the same!

Well, in Instagram I ended up finding a beautiful community of wordsmiths, writers and poet(esse)s... and there I rediscovered my passion for writing.
And I discovered to be a poet! Ah!
And I discovered to be able to inspire and to save lives, with my words!!!
Can you believe it? Well, it's awesomely true.

Then, recently, Instagram changed its algorithm... you know how it ends, right? ^_^;;

One phase after the other.
Should I say that writing is just another phase?
No, if we look closely... was it even only for my long emails and messages I've always been sending, in my online life.
I'm made to communicate, I think, and writing is a beautiful tool, for that!
Oh, I so love, to communicate!

Oh, you should know this!
This Summer!
I published my first ever book! "Chants for Love", a collection of love poetry!
Oh, my goodness, I've been dreaming to publish for decades!
And thanks to the feedback of many on Instagram, I finally found the courage!
Oh, you so should get this book! ;-)

Oh, these five years!
Many friends I found.
Much love I gave and received.
So much, I understood of me.
And I might have saved some lives... but for sure, I was helped a lot, in my personal journey.

Back to here and now, and to the quaking change of algorithm on Instagram.
Even thanks to the suggestions of a few dear friends of mine (all befriended on Instagram)... here I am, back at blogging.
Because I love to dig within and find words.
Because I love to share them.
Because here, hopefully, there won't be an algorithm penalizing me by hiding my posts to my followers. (Notice that very hopeful, yet shaded of prudence, "hopefully".)
Because I won't be here writing for myself, in first place, as I always do.
Trust me, I won't lack words!
It's not just a phase disjointed from others.
Perhaps I have words, flowing in my veins with blood.
And, well, isn't that of DNA a language? Look at yourself in the mirror, and see which wonders does, with just four letters!

Are you in, ready for the ride?! I hope so.



  1. Welcome back, I'm so glad you're here again. You know? I wish I could tell stories ... You have the gift to write, to communicate. My Facebook is now clear of bad words, bad thoughts, and it was thanks to you. You helped me a lot with your advice! Thank you! ^_^

    1. Oh, man!
      My friend, this makes me so smile... I'm glad for that time I was able to help you, really really.
      Hmm, are you sure you can't tell stories?
      I mean, you clearly know how to express yourself, and very well.
      Plus, you are a graphic artist, and this, as you always show, requires imagination.
      Hmm... capability to write... imagination... hey! What if you actually were able to write stories?!

      I'll tell you a trick.
      Start imagining a story.
      And start to say it out loud, as if you were recounting it to a child, or to a friend.
      After each line, write down somewhere (phone, computer or paper) that line.
      That's how you tell a story!

      See, more or less everyone is able to tell something which witnessed while it was happening.
      To write a story is not much different, aside from the fact it requires some more thinking, if it's fictional, to so decide how events go.

      Imagine you're talking, that's the secret!
      Hope this helps!

    2. I will put into practice what you say... :-) Thank you again!

    3. You're welcome! ^_^
      And thanks to you, because by replying to you I got an idea for another post! ;-)