Sunday, 15 October 2017


Translucent degrees of whiteness
layered, finely,
interwoven from that delicious tenderness
kings and connoisseurs long for,
to dress with light the interior
of the most miserable and dirty roughness
in the ignorant stare of the world
And when such roughness
dares to seep in, with its crumbles,
there the prodigy happens again,
as nothing but that glooming whiteness
could ever be tolerated
by what is substantial to delice and bliss,
and what's poor becomes the basis
to build the most sought-after treasure
Now, it's up to you, to take this poem
and wrap a pearl around a grain of sand:
is it just an oyster, I'm writing verses about,
or is there something else, to it?
(c) Daniele Bergamini @danbergam

Image source: Pixabay


  1. Of course you talk about something else :-)

    1. Hehe, yesssss... perhaps, about anything else! ;-)
      Thank you!